“We will need to increase food production by 70% to feed the population of 2050”

UN Food & Agriculture Organisation

Innovative solutions for sustainable insect production

The global population is predicted to grow by 1 billion people in the next 10 years.

Population growth has created an exponential need for proteins, fuelled by a staggering increase of per capita protein consumption from China, India, and other developing Asian nations.

Oceans cannot sustain the fish stocks with the current fishing rates to supply seafood and other fish products for humans, and for feed for fish farms

Replacing Fishmeal & Soymeal

Overfishing is deeply harmful to the oceanic environment, and the health of our oceans impacts the health of us all. Soy production requires the clear cutting of pristine rainforest for continued mono cropping. Insect rearing is a viable alternative to fishmeal & soymeal in aquaculture, livestock feed, and pet food.

Each tonne of fishmeal replaced by insect protein from Feedopedia saves:

3T of forage fish and no impact on marine biodiversity

at least 660kg of CO2

Each ton of vegetable oil replaced by Feedopedia insect oil saves:

at least 3800m2 of arable land and no impact on deforestation

at least 1200kg of CO2

And each year, the fertilizer produced by Feedopedia allows more than 1800T of CO2 to be stored sustainably in the soil.


One solution to this problem is insects as an alternative source of food.

Insects represent 40% of the total number of living species. They are critical components in the food chain as they are a natural food very rich in proteins and an essential food source for many animals including poultry and fish. Insects act as nature’s recyclers, where nothing goes to waste in the natural world.

Closed loop circular system

We upcycle waste and turn it into multiple value-added products, with nearly zero waste. The net result is fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) and an abundance of sustainably-produced natural animal feed and organic fertilizer.

A disruptive and proprietary technology to reproduce the natural life cycle of insects

Thanks to a unique technology, allied to an efficient industrial model, Feedopedia has set up a virtuous production system making it possible to produce high performance nutrients on a competitive scale, while respecting the natural life cycle of insects.

A technological challenge met thanks to the combination of a breakthrough innovation, the best existing technologies and a proprietary real-time data analysis system.

A vertical farm model entirely automated

A data architecture to optimize ambient conditions at all times

 thanks to an integrated and proprietary data architecture, this data is constantly analyzed through more than 60 monitoring interfaces, to optimize rearing conditions and ensure the best growth of our insects.